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Bosom Babies opened in Edmonton, Alberta in the year 2000, after the owners second son was born. Since then, she has been searching for unique, practical,well designed and well made products to enhance and simplify the lives of parents and their children. 

We specialize in products for pregnancy, nursing moms, new babies and toddlers. Browse the site or stop by the shop with any questions or concerns. We love to help our customers find what they need and children are ALWAYS welcome to visit our play area while you shop!

Our small boutique packs a big punch with anything you need for cloth diapering, potty training clothing & accessories, baby wearing, maternity clothing/bras, nursing clothing/bras, breast pumps and accessories, baby and children's clothing & accessories, toys & games, children's swimwear, children's hosiery, blankets and bedding, travel items, frames, books, shoes, bath accessories and toys and more!!!

Good luck on your journey and we hope to see and hear from you soon! 


Special Announcement!

It all started with a childhood on a farm in Smoky Lake, Alberta. It was there that I learned to appreciate nature in its truest form. It was from that natural, organic, humble beginning that I was shaped for the rest of my life. This sense to connect with the natural world became very apparent when I was attempting to become a mother for the first time. Instinctively, I knew that I wanted to be as clean and pure of a vessel for my unborn child. I also realized that the baby would arrive on their terms, when they thought I was ready to take on the challenge that lies ahead with mothering. Hence, three years later and with a new found knowledge of meditation, I became pregnant with my first-born son.

I became a “catalogaholic” (before google) and hired myself a midwife before they had hospital admitting privileges. (Yes, it is only recently that they are licenced within hospitals to deliver babies in Alberta). Through this journey I was determined to buy my unborn baby quality products that were not of a mass-produced nature and ones that were very natural, tying me back to my roots. I was successful in having a most amazing natural birth and was well on my journey to buying a great selection of natural products such as slings, breastfeeding supplies and cloth diapering supplies.

A seed was planted in my head that I ought to open a baby business and abandon my career in pharmaceutical sales. Next came my second son, also a glorious birth with my trusted midwife. I had breastfeeding issues with both my sons, mostly latching pain and yeast infections. After two episodes of this, I was more bound and determined to ensure that a breastfeeding mother had access to all the products she would need to face the challenges that breastfeeding entails.

Hence, Bosom Babies was started in my basement in November of 2000. The vendors that took a chance on me from the beginning are still with me today. I started with selling Medela breast pumps and Bravado Bras.

It was in that basement many years ago, I learned to listen to the needs of mothers and base my product selection on what they wanted. Slowly, more people came to my house and sure enough, the basement was too crowded. (Nursing pillows falling on my head while watching Television).

It was in May 2005, that I moved to my first retail location on Stony Plain Road, just off 124 Street. This was a thrilling experience. My boys at the time were 5 and 8 years of age. My commitment to them was first and foremost, however, this business was like my third baby I never had. I have been nurturing and tending to it as fully as I have to my children who are now fine young grown men of 19 and 22 years.

Bosom Babies moved again in 2011, 2 doors down in the same building where I had a tree in the store to remind us of nature and natural parenting. We continued to meet new inspiring customers and continued to attempt to change the world, one baby at a time.

Fast forward to June, 2019-Bosom Babies is now situated in the HYS medical centre. We have fulfilled the vision of a modern, customized store. Included is a playroom for children to occupy themselves while their parents’ shop. You will also find the most carefully curated product mix geared to parents who find resonance in natural parenting choices. Yes, we house the cities most comprehensive collection of cloth diapers now. It has been a delight to see it graduate from being such a fringe movement to something more common, thank you to all the young moms who take the plunge. We also still sell BRAVADO bras!! We have the widest selection of Nursing bras in the city of Edmonton and the expertise to ensure the most precise fittings. (I was a lab tech before becoming a pharmaceutical sales rep and I have intense attention to details when it comes to measuring!). We also still sell Medela breast pumps to this day and are very proud of all the Moms who choose to take on the challenges that Breastfeeding brings, knowing that all of the solutions are under one roof at Bosom Babies.

Our baby carrier wall also boasts the biggest selection of carriers in the city, along with the care and knowledge to guide parents in the right choice for their baby/child. We are very passionate about baby wearing and have been able to teach thousands of parents the correct technique for safely wearing their babies to optimize nurturing.

You will find a lot of passion at Bosom Babies, an intense love of babies and the desire to help mothers by providing encouragement for their journey into parenthood.

Somewhere in between there, I opened a Children’s shoe store on High Street with my sisters called Head Shoulders Knees and Toes (aka HSKT). To say I am busy, is quite the understatement. Being raised in a family with seven children on a farm, you someone had to work hard to get noticed. My sisters and I had an unprecedented “work hard” philosophy. (also play hard). We have a “never fail” attitude and are very success driven. The stuff true entrepreneurs are made out of. We have created a truly remarkable phenom at HSKT. There are three strong personalities here, each with their unique set of expertise’s. This has led to the creation of a one of a kind premier Children’s Boutique which you will find the most incredible selection of Children’s footwear and fashions. As passionate as I am about measuring bras, my sisters are for shoes!! We want to make sure we get it right every single time. We are so grateful for all of those who have trusted us with allowing us to become a part of your family by helping your children with their footwear and fashion needs. The store has been a fixture in the Glenora community and we are so proud to have played a part in all of your lives. Without your trust in us, we could not exist.

That bring us to our present moment, right now.

We would like at this time to announce that Bosom Babies is up for sale.

Are you someone who has the passion and drive to carry on the legacy that we have worked so hard to create? Do you dream of owning your own business? Do you need a creative outlet for your talents? Are you naturally driven, and hard working and would like to have a vision and see it be fulfilled??

We would love to hear from you. Let’s communicate and see how what we started would be something you would like to take on. Please contact us with serious inquiries: