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Grobag Sleep Bag (1.0 tog)

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* Please remember that these are recommendations only as all babies are different!

  • Grobag Baby Sleep Bag is a wearable blanket that will keep your baby at a comfortable temperature all night long
  • Designed to be used instead of blankets and top sheets 
  • You need to regularly check your baby to make sure he or she is not too hot or cold as all babies are different!
  • An ideal time to start using a sleep bag is when your baby weighs more than 8.8 lbs (0-6 months size)
  • Your child's head should not be able to pass through the neck hole when fastened; otherwise it is too big
  • A tog measurement is a European warmth rating: the higher the tog, the warmer the product
    • A number of factors determine the tog rating of the baby sleep bag that should be used. These include the number of clothes your baby is wearing, the temperature of their bedroom and your baby's health
    • 1.0 tog is suitable for nursery rooms from 20-27 °C, keeping in mind you will need to adjust the type and amount of layers the baby is wearing under the sleep bag
  • Grobags come in a range of styles to suit your needs.
    • Side Zip
      • With double poppers on the shoulders, there are also under-arm poppers for when your baby is small. Opens out flat for easy night time nappy changes
    • Front Zip
      • Fixed shoulders are great if your child moves around more. Ideal for toddlers
    • Travel Grobags
      • Like normal Grobags but with the extra feature of a two way front zip and a back vent so it can easily be used with a 5 point harness in car seats or strollers
  • All Grobag Baby Sleep Bags can be machine washed at 40°C. They can be hung out to dry or tumble dried on a low setting. As with all cotton goods, Grobags allow for up to 5% shrinkage
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