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AppleCheeks Stay Dry Microterry & Bamboo 2 Boosters

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  • Use these inserts alone for daytime use, or in combination with our 2 ply and 3 ply inserts for super nighttime absorbency! 
  • Wrap it in a 2-layer insert and you get a total of 8 layers right where your baby needs it! 
  • Fold it in half and place in the front of the diaper if you have a boy for extra absorbency right where he needs it!
  • Stay Dry Microterry insert:
    • Clearly labeled to identify which side is microfleece and which side is microterry (not to go on baby's skin)
    • When placed on top of a diaper cover, the white side faces up. When placed inside the cover's pocket, the red stitching side faces up
  • Stay Dry Rayon from Bamboo Booster:
    • combines the benefits of the stay-dry fleece layer with the added absorbency of two layers of super thirsty rayon from bamboo/organic cotton
    • The fleece between skin and the insert allows moisture to pass through but not come back up, while the bamboo fibres drink up the wetness
  • 2 per pack
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