Diapering & Potty

Ubbi Diaper Pail Resuable Liner

  • Compatible with cloth or disposable diapers
  • TPU coating to withstand washing machine and air dryer for parents to wash it as often as needed
  • Coated fabric material not only makes the Ubbi cloth diaper pail liner resilient but also water and odor resistant to prevent leakages and dripping
  • Once easily and fittingly loaded in the diaper pail or conveniently hung, the Ubbi cloth liner has a 7-gallon capacity, which equals to an average of 35 cloth diapers
  • Equipped with a doorknob hanger and a practical drawstring closure for easy carrying
  • PVC free and 100% polyester, the Ubbi cloth liner is eco-friendly so while it appears to be white in color, it is as green as can be
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